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  1. What is Flatcast

    Flatcast is an internet portal, which allows every internet user, to broadcast a multimedia stream to an unlimited amount of receivers, even if the sender has only e.g. ISDN.

    The following features has Flatcast:

    • An Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which lists all running and all anounced shows. With a single click each show can be joined. You can also search the EPG by keywords.
    • Produser an Viewer of a show can chat to eachother.
    • Everybody can create his own show.
    • There´s a forum to discuss shows

  2. Who runs Flatcast

    Flatcast is a product of the 1 mal 1 Software GmbH which is settled in Fürth/Germany. This company exists since 1998 and worked mainly in high end streaming solutions.

  3. How works Flatcast

    Flatcast is based on Peer-To-Peer technology. This means mainly, the the stream is handed from one user to another. With server based solutions, the bandwith needed at sender´s side grows with the number of stream consumers. This means, the more consumers, the more costs. With Flatcast the needed bandwidth at the sender´s side is constant, which saves a lot of money! Flatcast can be used by all browser´s on a Windows(TM) based system. The following picture shows, how Flatcast works compared to server based solutions:

    Flatcast Serverbasierte Technologie

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