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Error Messages

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Show doesn´t start

When a stream does not start, you get a error message in the stream window. This might take a while, so please wait, because this message helps us to find the reason for the problem

Error "firewall blocked access"
Flatcast uses the protocol UDP on port 40123. Your PC doesn´t support this in the moment. The most common reasons are

  • You are connected via a router/firewall, which blocks UDP.
  • You have a "Personal Firewall" installed like ZoneAlarm, XP Firewall etc. Open within this firewall port 40123 for UDP.
  • You enter the internet only via a proxy server.Enter a gateway in your network settings

Error "no free stream entry point"
Flatcast uses P2P-technology. Currently there is no node, which could deliver you the stream data. If only a small number of viewers join the stream, the reason for the problem might be at the others. If you got the problem more often, the most common reasons are:

  • You have installed a "Personal Firewall" like ZoneAlarm, XP Firewall etc. Open within this firewall port 40123 for UDP.
  • You are connected via a router/firewall with the internet, which blocks UDP frames. Create a fixed mapping on port 40123 to the sender PC.

Error "sorry, but you can open only one flatcast stream"
You tried to receive more than one flatcast stream at once. This is not possible. Please close the currently running stream, before opening another one.

Error "show has already been finished"
The stream has already been finished by the producer. Retry later again. Maybe the producer starts the stream again.

Error "network error"
Your network does not support the protocol UDP on Port 40123. Propably the port is already in use by another application.

Error "you are banned"
You offended several times against the Flatiquette. You are now expelled from all streams
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